Eye shadows 

This eye shadow palette will help you achieve an amazing look because it has many colors that you can play with. It comes with shimmery shadows all the way to matte shadows!!google!MassCos_Morphe_TF_BidRestrictions&CAWELAID=330000200001624122&CATRK=SPFID-1&CAAGID=62587066755&CATCI=aud-846350982914:kwd-500676408607&CAPCID=312575286613&CADevice=c&gclid=CjwKCAiA8qLvBRAbEiwAE_ZzPZne41IBKou2W8YJR7DANMrJ2ZNg1KR1-qSSkcZoOEmQyGO6XPweGBoCZIsQAvD_BwE
This page shares all of the morphe eyeshadow palettes you can choose from a variety of colors, they have such a good quality that everyone will want to buy one

This highlighter will literally make your face glow by just adding a little bit of product, it will for sure complete the look.

Ready, set, shine. This collection of four mini highlighter drops lets you choose how you wanna get lit. From a Flash of bronze to a Strobe of shimmering pink, there’s light in every drop. Use alone for a killer highlight or mix with your foundation for an illuminating boost.

Here we have another highlighter this is a mini version but it will do the same work the price is really affordable…

Lily Lashes are good quality lashes, they are weightless you are not going to feel them at all you should really try them. The quality is amazing if you can take good care of them they can last up to 25-30 wears.

Here we have another brand of really famous lashes, they make you face have such a bright look that they might even look natural.